Best Ways to Spend Your Money on Computers, Laptops and iTerials


The Secrets of Spending Wisely for Technology Products

*** It is An Investment but a Little Tricky

Spending Money On PC's, Laptops can be termed as a Very Important Unavoidable Investment than an expense. You Invest and reap benefits for a longer duration. Like Money Spend on a Child's education is not just an expense, it is most appropriately an Investment.

This Investment is directly responsible for Our Personal and Professional Growth

But at the same time, Just Throwing money in any Product is not wise. We Should spend wisely and save where appropriate.

There are certain points we should keep in mind when we invest in Technology - the next time.

As a rule of Thumb Spend as Less as Possible, Serves all the time.

*** Spend when Required

- No Resale Value :

It is an investment, but not like Gold or land which will keep appreciating it's market value. The Negative Point of any money you throw in a Gadget today is that, it has No or Very Less Resale Value.

- Gets Obsolete Quicky :

Technology is changing every minute and so are the Gadgets. Any PC, Laptop or iTerial is Evolving every moment. It is Getting Faster, More Capable and Cheaper every passing moment. Just Few Years Back, 40gb or 80gb Hard Discs were good enough, today we get 500gb and 1tb (1000gb) at those same old prices of 40gb and 80gb.

Buy it if you are going to Use it and When You are going to start using it. If You want to buy it for your son which he will use after coming back from hostel three months later, better buy after three months and not now.

*** Don't Keep Waiting as well

Buy When Required and forget the next better product which will be available after few months since after few months there will be another better product in pipeline. You will miss the bus and may not be able to buy it anytime.

And not able to utilize it's benefits if you do not buy it when you wanted to put it in use.

It's also okay if you are waiting for a certain product for a certain time, say a week or a fortnight, but any wait longer can better be avoided.

*** Invest More On Non-Upgradable or Non-Pluggable Component

There are certain components of a product which can be easily upgraded, like You can increase a Laptop's memory from 2gb to 4gb, anytime in future. But it is practically difficult to upgrade it's CPU. "A Laptop with Stronger CPU and lesser memory" will be better buy than "A Laptop with weaker CPU and extra memory".

CPU's can of course be upgraded technically, but practically it is found to be not possible since cpu's technologies change very fast and changing a cpu requires changing other components like motherboards etc. as well.

Likewise, You can upgrade a monitor anytime later, but practically, what will you do with the older monitor. If you will need a bigger monitor next year when you start going to for a professional course, better go for it now.

If you are short of budget, you can postpone purchase of components like UPS, Speaker or Printer to a later time than to reduce power of CPU, compromised monitor or graphics card. Printer or a UPS can as well be bought and plugged 15 days later as well without compromising a good PC Configuration.

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