Enough is Said and Read about Moms, Wives and Girls...Women .. stuff like how good and great they are

Its time to learn something about Boys and Men...


Who is He ?

A Boy (aka Man) is one of the Most Handsome and Mighty Creations of God.

He is Entrusted with Responsibilities at a very tender age. He Sacrifices his chocolates and toys for his sister. He is called by his Mom Dad and anyone else in his house and neighbors for fixing any thing small or big.

He gives up his favorite activity for just a smile on his parents face when they object. He sacrifices company of his beloved, his wife and children by working late nights.

He builds future for his family by taking loans from banks and then repaying them all his life. He sacrifices full youth for his wife and children without any complain. He works like a Work Horse to facilitate all that his family aspires.

Believe me Men are Quietly Overworked but still have to hear the music (scolding and nagging) of their Mother, wife and bosses all their Life. Yet every mother, wife and boss tries to dominate him and He is The Outdated Old Fashioned old men for The New Generation. Yet They Go through all this Quietly .. without complaining.

Finally his life ends up by compromising for others happiness. He is that creature of God who no one can compete with yet rarely Admired.

Moral of The Story is .. Respect Every Boy and Man in your life. You might never know what He Must have done for You.

Just extend your hand when he needs it and you shall receive twice fold love from him.

Boys are also Humans and The World Must Acknowledge :-)