Assembling Your Personal Computer Yourself

Assembling a PC

is a simple job of plugging seven to ten devices together with screws and simple cables. My Ten Year Old Son assembled a PC after observing it for just 30 minutes. Branded Systems are Fine, but often, they use cheap and outdated components, You don't get an option to change the configuration of your choice and you depend on a big service center for any small service call. In most of the cases, You don't even know the actual manufacturer of the component they use since they replace original vendors name with their own.

Getting Your PC assembled

in Front of You, Makes You Realize How Simple it is - and then No Salesman Can Take You for Granted and try ridiculing You. It doesn't mean that all salesmen are dishonest but you wouldn't believe few stories we are aware of.

In Short, You Should be Knowing What You are Talking about and Spending Your Money for.

For Centuries Anything Foreign Has Dominated Indian Minds. Get Fascinated Big Multinational Names very easily who sell us our own water in a packaged bottle and charge us an abnormally high premium.

None of The Branded PC’s

Are Manufactured By those Companies. They ARE ASSEMBLED BY THEM. There is NO Technological Addition by Any of these Companies in Any of their PC’s. They Buy from other manufacturers, Print their Logo's on Cabinet, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor, Assemble them and Market it as if they have manufactured themselves.

A PC consists

Eight or more components and each one of those components are manufactured individually by Eight or more different Brands. When we select those eight components ourselves, we are in control, and we get Value of the money we spend, not otherwise.

These Big Time Assemblers

(So Called PC Manufacturers) Command 20%-40% Higher Price (Rs.3,000/- to Rs.20,000/- or more ) for the Same (or inferior) Services ( Task of Assembling and providing Components after erasing their original manufacturers logos) Which Your Neighborhood Assembler will do for Just Rs.500/-.

When You Decide

to Buy Those Eight or more components individually, You get warranty from those eight plus vendors directly which Range from One Year to Ten Years. But When We Buy A so called Branded PC, The Buyer Gets Only One Year Warranty. If One Component carries, five year warranty, Big Assembler gets warranty from the manufacturer but doesn't pass the benefit to customer, rather Charges Customer Additionally and sells same component to customer again. First of all, Customer Pays 20% to 40% Premium when Shopping the PC, and then again, doesn't get the full benefit of the product warranty as well.

Suppose, after 15 months of Your Purchase of so called Branded PC, Your Hard Disc is crashed. Big Assembler will Charge you for A New Hard Disk Drive Market Price plus 20%-40% Premium but will get it replaced free of charge from the actual manufacturer. He will Thus enjoy Higher Profits on Your Cost. Generally, Hard Disc Drives come with three to five years warranty. If You had bought Your PC from Open Market, it would have not only costed You much that time, it would not have required to buy another hard disk after 15 months.

In Fact, Each and Every PC is Both "A Branded PC" And "Assembled PC". Both, are "Multi-Branded" and "Assembled" PC's. Multi Branded since both carry Products manufactured by Eight or more Brands.

The Only Difference is that in

One Case, The Seller used Marketing Muscle, false and misleading propaganda to instill fear and somehow Convince the Buyer to buy An Inferior Proposition at a Higher Price, The So Called Branded PC - And
The Other case, The Buyer was Smart enough to See the Hidden Facts and refused to be mislead, decided to undertake The Technological Karma - Do it Yourself Karma. He Selected The Best of each and every Component he wanted for his PC. Got it Assembled in Front of Him. Laughed discreetly on How difficult he initially thought all this was going to be. Was Damn Sure of What he Did. Owned a PC of his Choice, Which Cost him very reasonable, Got Warranty of 1-10 Years for various components, all Included in the Same Cost. He Was Happy but for One thing, He was smitten by technology bug, Swiftly, he was turning A Techie Himself.

Start Configuring A PC Now

or watch a video on how to assemble a PC or a Server