How do I buy on EMI's ? doesn't provide EMI facility for online payments, however, If you swipe Master / Visa Credit Card on Your visit to the store, You can ask your card issuing bank to convert the swiped amount to EMI. You may contact your banker for more details.

HDFC Card Holders Can Get Instant EMI without any paper work. You will need to visit us personally to avail this facility.

How can i make payments? How to pay?


Following are the various Payment Methods and their details

1. Bank Transfer or Deposit

1.a. Check / Demand Draft / Money Order

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What if i want to deposit cash in you bank account instead of IMPS, RTGS or NEFT ?

You can do that. This method of bank deposit is the Simplest One. As Good As having a bank account in our banks. The Transfer transaction completes and confirms within few minutes.

Will I be Charged by bank also for using IMPS, RTGS or NEFT ?

As per RBI Guidelines, Indian Banks cannot charge more than following to sender of funds using NEFT / RTGS / IMPS. However, few banks charge you certain nominal amount of Rs.25-Rs.50 depending on their internal policies. Most Banks are not charging anything for this service.

Up to One lac - Nil - No charges.
one lac to five lac - Rs.25 per transaction.

I am not in Bangalore, I cannot avail COD or visit your store, Which is the best method left for me to pay for my orders?

1. Account to Account Transfer : If you happen to have an account in any of ICICI or IDBI Bank Branch across india, You can transfer funds to Our account almost instantly by depositing a cheque in our account, by Netbanking or a formal written request to your bank.

What is the Difference between RTGS and IMPS or NEFT ?

IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) has become the most favorite of online funds transfer methods. You Can use it to transfer money to any other bank, anytime (24 X 7), any day (including Holidays or Sundays) and Funds Actually Get Transferred Instantly, within seconds.