Core i7 Based

Workhorse 1

This Dual-CPU Xeon workstation is just Awesome!!

44 Core | 256GB ECC Ram | 110mb Cache | 10TB HDD + 2TB Superfast SSD | P6000 GPU | 34 Curved Ultrawide IPS Screen | 1200mbps WiFi | 1500W PSU and a large and expandable case Capable of adding an entire array of disks or cards

Run professional applications for extended periods of time without a hitch.


Intel i7 Chess Gamer


Intel Core i7 X-Series 6 Core Gaming Desktop PC take your Gaming to a New Level

Intel Radha Swami Gamer


Latest 7th Generation Intel Core-i7 and DDR4 Based Gamer PC Configuration

Radha Swami

Intel 28 Lane Monster PC

Intel Chanakya Power


Mighty X-Series Core-i7 7800X - 28 PCI Express Lanes Based Monster Power PC

Create creative 3D Animations with This Monstrous Performance Custom Workstation PC

Upgrade Your Productivity