Core i5 Based

Gamer 1

Get Gaming now.

Achieve 1440p gaming at the highest level of detail
in a system that looks as good as it performs.

Gamer systems give low latency wireless connectivity, high performance graphics,
processors capable of handling intense gaming workloads and a cooling setup
that promises longevity of the system with long hours of stable gameplay.


Productivity-H 2

Productivity-H 2

Solid performance for a small price

Remarkable performance in both work and play.

Productivity-H systems come with a lot of room for expansion in terms of
storage and gaming.

Use cases include:

  • Light professional workloads(image/video)
  • Heavy multitasking
  • Web development
  • HD Online gaming

Productivity-S 3

Productivity-S 3

Multitasking done right

Solid performance for business environments.

Easily run a Skype call with a HD movie, 10 browser tabs, a few spreadsheets
and additional services running in the background without a glitch.

Use cases include:

  • Heavy multitasking
  • Light professional(image) workloads
  • Web development
  • Lasting household PC

Intel Rajiv Dixit Power

Intel Core i3 Based Fully Loaded Desktop Computer System with Large LED Screen, ample storage, Blu Ray Writer and more.

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Intel Natural Remedies Power

Latest 7th Generation Intel Core-i5 and DDR4 Based Desktop PC Configuration


There is an old management saying - To KISS - To Keep It Simple Stupid :-)


Intel Sai Baba Popular

Buy Intel 7th Generation Core i5 Based Desktop PC Online from Bangalore | All Component Breakup | Custom PC Configuration

PC Configuration Uses High Speed DDR4 Ram and latest 7th Generation Intel Core-i5 CPU | Desktop PC Under 35K



Intel Swami Vivekananda VFM

Intel Swami Vivekananda VFM

Swami Vivekanand

Buy Intel Core i5 Based Desktop PC Configuration at Your Price

Built for speed and everything else | Limitless potential | Stay connected with computing that’s easy with iTerials

Intel British Loot Power


British Owe Us 600 Trillion Pounds and An Apology

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Intel Sher-e-Hind Power

Buy Intel Core-i5 7th Generation Desktop PC

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Desktop PC configured with Powerful Skylake Range of Intel CPU


Intel Shastri Power

Lal Bahadur Shastri

Buy Intel i5 Based Desktop PC Configuration at Low Price in India


Intel Ashoka Decent

Intel Ashoka Decent

Ashoka The Great

Buy Intel Unlocked i5 Based Desktop PC Configuration at Smart Price | Conquer your Day with Intel i5 Processor