Cables etc. (233)

Cable Sundry Printer 5 Mtrs. Parallel

This cable can be used to connect a parallel printer to the parallel port on a PC. The phrase parallel cable can be ambigous as it shelters numerous different specifications, not all of which are simple PC to printer type. The parallel port socket on a computer uses 25 pins. There are two types of parallel printer cable that are widely used for PCs.


Cable Sundry S Video 7 Pin

Our "7-pin to S-Video and RCA" cables allows you to connect your laptop's 7-pin "S-Video jack" to the S-Video or to the yellow RCA jack of a television.


Cable Power Volex 2 Mtrs.

Globally Used Quality Power Cord from Volex


Cable Imported VGA 15 Pin Male to RCA Red Yellow White

Yellow Plug is for composite video, red for the right channel, and white or black for the left channel of stereo audio.

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