Cables USB Based (33)

Cable Sundry Extension 3 Mtrs. Silver Transparent USB 2.0

* One 9.8-foot-long (3.0 meters) USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female high-speed extension cable
* Extends your USB connection to your computer by 9.8 feet; for use with printers, cameras, mice, keyboards and other USB computer peripherals
* Constructed with corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors for optimal signal clarity and shielding to minimize interference


Cable Sundry USB To USB Bridged M to M Ver. 2.0

USB Data Transfer or Networking Cable


Cable Sundry USB To 2 IDE n Sata with Power Adapter

Connect Laptop or Desktop & IDE or SATA, Internal HDD, DVD Writer or other device on Your USB Port externally.


Cable Bafo USB To 2 PS2

* USB 1.1 Specification Compliant
* Full Support with PS/ 2
* Also Support 2 x PS/ 2 Interface Devices
* Bus Powered
* Support Standard
* Windows Multimedia Keys


Cable Bafo Extension 16 Feet USB 2.0

Extend Your Laptops or PC's from Your USB Devices as far as 16 Feet.


Cable Sundry USB To IRDA Wireless Connection MA 620

MA-620 USB Infrared Adapter is a standard IrDA port, capable of connecting to many mobile devices as long as they meet the IrDA standard and provide software for PCs to connect via IrDA port.


Cable Bafo Grade USB To Serial

"Bafo Grade" Product looks like "Bafo" Product but it is not "Bafo". Product added to store since it has good demand. See for only "Bafo" if You are looking for Bafo Products, not look alikes.


Cable Bafo BF-812 USB To Serial

USB 1.1 Specification
USB Full-Speed (12Mbps)
Bus Powered
True Bidirectional


Cable Sundry USB To Lan

A USB-to-LAN adapter can be used to transfer data between two computers if one or both computers has an inaccessible or malfunctioning Ethernet jack. Simply plug the adapter into the computer's USB port and insert a standard LAN cable into the adapter. You can run this cable to the second computer's Ethernet jack or to another USB adapter.


Cable Sundry USB To 2 PS2

* Cable Assembly Type:Keyboard & Mouse
* Connector Type A:USB
* Connector Type B:PS/2
* Outer Insulation Colour:Grey

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