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Connector RJ45 Amp

Vat rate is 13.5% for this product

* All the benefits of the RJ45 connector
o 4-pair connectivity that's compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
* Jacks can be installed with the SL Series Installation Tool for fast termination
o RJ45 SECURE jacks have the same fit and form as non-SECURE RJ45 jacks - mix and match in the same patch panels and faceplates


Connector RJ45 Sundry Jointer 1:1 Coupler

A RJ45 Cat 5 connector for extending network cable.
It is used for connecting the LAN cables.
Can also be used with Cat 6, Cat 5, Cat 5e network cable.
High quality product guarantees long time usage.
8-pin connector ensures its great quality.
Durable PVC solid plastic material in use.

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