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Graphics Card ATI Radeon Sapphire R9-290X Tri-X OC 4gb DDR5

Sapphire 290x tri-x oc features the latest gcn (graphics core next) architecture from amd with 2816 stream processing units and an enhanced engine clock of up to 1040mhz GPU.This DDR5 ATI Radeon graphics is equipped with 4gb of the latest high performance ddr5 memory on a 512-bit interface and now clocked at 1300 mhz (5.2ghz effective) delivering higher bandwidth than the reference design viedo ca


Graphics Card NVIDIA Zotac Geforce GT630 1gb DDR5

810 MHz GPU Clock Speed
1 GB DDR5 Memory
2560 x 1600 Maximum Digital Resolution
300 W Power Supply Required
PCI-E 2.0 x16 Bus Standard
NVIDIA GeForce GT 630

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