Feature Rich PC (5)

Workhorse 1


Entry level single-CPU workstation computer

Run professional applications for extended periods of time without a hitch.
Ideal for applications where the majority of work is single threaded.

Applications include:

  • CAD design
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • 2D image processing

Productivity-H 3


A mix Performance and Entertainment

All round performance in productivity and gaming allows you to
get work done fast enough to spare time with the latest and greatest "AAA" titles in Full HD.

Productivity-H systems come with a lot of room for expansion in terms of
storage and gaming.

Use cases include:

  • Moderate professional workloads(image/video)

Productivity-S 4


High performance with a small footprint

Made to run complex demanding applications.
Ideal for situations where space is limited.

Use cases include:

  • Moderate professional workloads(image/video)
  • CAD workstation
  • Rapid software development
  • Heavy multitasking
  • HD gaming

Intel i7 Sanskrit Rich


Take Your Productivity to Newer Levels

with This Feature Rich - Exciting PC Configuration
Sanskrit - Language of The Gods

AMD Mother Cow Rich


Bring Your Digital Life Alive with This Awesome AMD FX CPU Rich Gaming PC Configuration which is Smart, Powerful and Feature enabled.


Feel Free to (Learn How to) Modify This Configuration as per Your Interest