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This Dual-CPU Xeon workstation is just Awesome!!

44 Core | 256GB ECC Ram | 110mb Cache | 10TB HDD + 2TB Superfast SSD | P6000 GPU | 34 Curved Ultrawide IPS Screen | 1200mbps WiFi | 1500W PSU and a large and expandable case Capable of adding an entire array of disks or cards

Tech5ire Workstation - Video Editing PC

Tech5ire Range of Video Editing Custom Build Workstation PC

Configured Specifically for Video Editors
This Beast of A Workstation Smoothifies Your Tideous Post Production Tasks. Powered by 10 Core i9 Intel Processor - GTX1060 6gb Graphics - 32gb 3000mhz. DDR4 Memory Chips - 4 Disks of 2TB each for Projects and 2 Scratch Disks of 1Tb each - 1Tb SSD for OS, Applications, Caches and Swapping - Corsair GTX H100i and 750D to Keep Them Cool enough - Backed up with Seasonic Gold Certified PSU - TVS Gold Keyboard, Wireless Dell Mouse and Windows 10 Professional as Operating System.


Tech5ire Range of Video Editing Custom Build Workstation PC


Configured Specifically for Video Editors

Intel Core-i5 PowerHorse

Intel Rajiv Dixit Power


Intel Core i5 Based Fully Loaded Desktop Computer System with Large LED Screen, ssd, ample storage, licensed OS and more.

Buy a Desktop PC Configuration Based on Intel i5 Processor That Gets You Started On The Path of Progress & Prosperity incurring possibly The Lowest Cost

Intel Core-i5 Power Packed Desktop

Intel Natural Remedies Power


Latest 8th Generation Intel Core-i5 Power Packed Desktop PC Configuration


AMD Threadripper TR4 Power PC

AMD Tilak Power


If you sit with closed eyes and someone puts his finger on the spot between your two eyes, you will have the feeling that someone is pointing his finger at you. This is the experience of the third eye.

Intel 8th Gen Core-i5 8500 Power PC

Intel British Loot Power



British Owe Us 600 Trillion Pounds and An Apology

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Intel Core-i9 10-Core 44 Lanes Power PC

Intel Ramdev Power


The Ultimate RiG - The Dream Machine

Powered by Intel X-Series Core-i9 10-Core 44 PCI Express Lanes Processor


Desktop Gaming PC with Intel Core i9, NVMe SSD, 32" 4K Monitor, Hi-Speed DDR4 Memory Modules, A Super Case and much more

Intel 28 Lane Monster PC

Intel Chanakya Power


Mighty X-Series Core-i7 7800X - 28 PCI Express Lanes Based Monster Power PC

Create creative 3D Animations with This Monstrous Performance Custom Workstation PC

Upgrade Your Productivity

Intel Core-i5 PowerStation


Lal Bahadur Shastri

Buy Intel i5 Based Desktop PC Configuration at Low Price in India