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Workhorse 1



This Dual-CPU Xeon workstation is just Awesome!!

44 Core | 256GB ECC Ram | 110mb Cache | 10TB HDD + 2TB Superfast SSD | P6000 GPU | 34 Curved Ultrawide IPS Screen | 1200mbps WiFi | 1500W PSU and a large and expandable case Capable of adding an entire array of disks or cards

Tech5ire Workstation - Video Editing PC

Tech5ire Range of Video Editing Custom Build Workstation PC

Configured Specifically for Video Editors
This Beast of A Workstation Smoothifies Your Tideous Post Production Tasks. Powered by 10 Core i9 Intel Processor - GTX1060 6gb Graphics - 32gb 3000mhz. DDR4 Memory Chips - 4 Disks of 2TB each for Projects and 2 Scratch Disks of 1Tb each - 1Tb SSD for OS, Applications, Caches and Swapping - Corsair GTX H100i and 750D to Keep Them Cool enough - Backed up with Seasonic Gold Certified PSU - TVS Gold Keyboard, Wireless Dell Mouse and Windows 10 Professional as Operating System.


Tech5ire Range of Video Editing Custom Build Workstation PC


Configured Specifically for Video Editors

Intel Core-i5 PowerHorse

Intel Rajiv Dixit Power


Intel Core i5 Based Fully Loaded Desktop Computer System with Large LED Screen, ssd, ample storage, licensed OS and more.

Buy a Desktop PC Configuration Based on Intel i5 Processor That Gets You Started On The Path of Progress & Prosperity incurring possibly The Lowest Cost

Intel 8th Gen Core-i5 8500 Power PC

Intel British Loot Power



British Owe Us 600 Trillion Pounds and An Apology

Buy Powerful 8th Gen Intel Core-i5 8500 Processor Based Desktop PC Configuration at Smart Price

Intel Core-i9 10-Core 44 Lanes Power PC

Intel Ramdev Power


The Ultimate RiG - The Dream Machine

Powered by Intel X-Series Core-i9 10-Core 44 PCI Express Lanes Processor


Desktop Gaming PC with Intel Core i9, NVMe SSD, 32" 4K Monitor, Hi-Speed DDR4 Memory Modules, A Super Case and much more

Intel 28 Lane Monster PC

Intel Chanakya Power


Mighty X-Series Core-i7 7800X - 28 PCI Express Lanes Based Monster Power PC

Create creative 3D Animations with This Monstrous Performance Custom Workstation PC

Upgrade Your Productivity

Intel Core-i5 PowerStation


Lal Bahadur Shastri

Buy Intel i5 Based Desktop PC Configuration at Low Price in India