Speakers Sub Woofer 5.1 (12)

Speaker 5.1 Creative Inspire T6300

Creative Inspire T6300 is one of the best Home theatre system, to enjoy movies, games and music in supersonic sound.The 5.1 speakers delivers full spectrum audio with enhanced mid-bass and high precision.

The whole Surround sound system comes with 1 powerful down-firing ported subwoofer, 2 large front satellite speakers and 3 medium-sized rear and centre satellite speakers.


Speaker 5.1 iball Booster 120Watts RMS with SD USB slot, LCD n Remote

* 5.1 Channel Configuration
* Total Output of 120 W RMS
* 1 Subwoofer
* 4 Satellites with 1 Center Satellite
* Magnetically Shielded Wood Chassis
* 75 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio


Speaker 5.1 Creative A520

SBS A520
5.1 Gaming Speakers

Get explosive bass and realistic audio for better gaming and engaging movies, with five satellite speakers and a subwoofer.


Engage in excellent 5.1 surround sound


Speaker 5.1 Creative A550

5.1 Gaming Speakers


Speaker 5.1 Creative T6160

Time to introduce realistic surround sound to your games, music and movies with the Creative Inspire T6160 5.1 speakers. With classic styling and ease of use, this speaker system delivers immersive multi-channel surround sound - cutting-edge technology that is a hallmark of Creative's renowned audio expertise.

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