this is the place

I planned to build an ultra-high-end p.c. on Nov 2013 and was in search for the best deal. I have contacted almost all high-end pc components sellers (both online and others), but I never came across a person like Mr.Amit Khanna, He is so simple, extremely helpful and an excellent business man, he always tries to give you the best. He gave me a free upgrade from 12X Blu-ray writer to 16X just because he wanted me to have the best . My order was close to Rs. 2,70,000/- . Many people told me that there is a great chance that i get a couple of boxes full of stones or other rubbish delivered to my home. but I knew i could trust this guy from the way he talked. So I transfered the money on 12-12-13 and got the components delivered (in good condition) within a week from bangalore to my home at Kollam (Kerala)., It took a week just because the motherboard i ordered was out of stock. Overall I give Binary world store 10/10. If you want a great PC buying experience then this is the place.
-- Hari Krishna, Kollam, Kerala