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AM1 Socket Based
AM3 AM3+ Socket Based MB for AMD CPU
AM4 Socket Based MB for AMD CPU
AMD B320 Chipset Motherboard, AMD B350 Chipset Motherboard, AMD B450 Chipset Motherboard, AMD X370 Chipset Motherboard, AMD X470 Chipset Motherboard
FM2 FM2+ Socket Based
TR4 Socket Based MB for AMD TR CPU
AMD X399 Chipset Motherboard

I will need to buy a lot of products from you, I however am a bit apprehensive about it because of some problems with few other e-stores. kindly tell me as how the things proceed after i select products and deposit the amount in the bank...

After you place an order, we will check availability of the products, order status will change to "Availability check" and you will get an "Order Update" e-mail notifying you the order status. If All products are available you will get confirmation asking you to Transfer funds against the order - the order status will change to "Payment Awaited", followed by a notification e-mail.