Workhorse 1



This Dual-CPU Xeon workstation is just Awesome!!

44 Core | 256GB ECC Ram | 110mb Cache | 10TB HDD + 2TB Superfast SSD | P6000 GPU | 34 Curved Ultrawide IPS Screen | 1200mbps WiFi | 1500W PSU and a large and expandable case Capable of adding an entire array of disks or cards

Run professional applications for extended periods of time without a hitch.
Ideal for single or multi threaded applications.

Applications include:

  • CAD design
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • 3D image processing and visualization
  • Rendering
  • Scientific applications
  • Powerful server
2 x CPU Intel Xeon E5-2699 V4 55mb Cache 2.2-3.6 Ghz. 145W 22 Cores Socket 2011-3 Tray
1 x HDD Seagate SATA 10Tb Enterprise Helium ST10000NM0016
1 x

What if the item i receive is not proper, wrong model? Is there any return/ refund policy?

We are a very small shop, monitor every step of logistics from our end, do proper packaging hence we do not face any damaged cases. we ensure correct item is shipped, case where we shipped a wrong product never happened also, hence question of refund do not arise.