CPU AMD A4-6320 2 Core APU Socket FM2

CPU AMD A4-6320 2 Core APU Socket FM2

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3.8 to 4 Ghz. | Socket FM2 | AMD | Type Desktop | Turbo frequency 4000 MHz | Frequency 3800 MHz | cores 2 | threads 2 | Level 1 cache 64 MB Level 2 cache 1 MB | Cache latency 3 (L1 cache) | TDP 65 Watt | Integrated graphics Radeon HD 8370D | Weight 39g | memory- DDR3-1600

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Why Am i Recommended to Use Memory in Pairs ?

All Motherboards Now support dual-channel memory configurations. Dual-channel technology lets the PC access each of two banks of memory on successive rises and falls of the system clock, rather than only once during the entire clock cycle. That makes "One Slot is Filled with 2GB Memory Chip" Slower than "Two Slots Filled with 1GB Memory Chips" scenario.