Cabinet Circle Bonsai Micro ATX Black without SMPS


Buy Cabinet Circle Bonsai Micro ATX Black without SMPS at All India Low Price.

Form Factor - Micro ATX, Mini-ITX | Compatible Motherboard - Micro ATX, Mini-ITX | External 5.25 inch Drive Bays - 3 | Internal 3.5 inch Drive Bays - 3 | Expansion Slots - 4 | Front Audio Port - 2 | Front USB 2.0 - 2 | LED Fan Back - 80mm 1 | height - 365mm | width - 175mm | depth - 330mm


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Computer Cabinet

A computer case, also known as a computer chassis, tower, system unit, cabinet, base unit, or simply case, is the enclosure that contains most of the components of a computer (usually excluding the display, keyboard and mouse).