Adapter Laptop HP Original 65W output 18.5V 3.5amp Khaki

Adapter Laptop HP Original 65W output 18.5V 3.5amp Khaki

Power when and where you need it. Keep one on your desk, one at home or always with you in your HP notebook case and save your batteries for the road

1. Power your notebook and charge at the same time so it’s ready to hit the road the moment you are
2. Certified to work with HP notebooks, safeguarding your investment against power surges even those caused by lightning strikes
3. Lightweight and compact fitting neatly in your HP notebook case and compatible with all 65W HP notebooks
4. Original HP Adapter - With One Year Warranty from nearest HP Service Center

Compatible with
1. HP Compaq 2210b
2. HP Compaq 6720t
3. HP 520
4. HP 530
5. HP Compaq nc2400
6. HP Compaq nc6220
7. HP Compaq nc6230
8. HP Compaq nc6320
9. HP Compaq nc6400
10. HP Compaq nx6115
11. HP Compaq nx6310
12. HP Compaq nx6325
13. HP Compaq nw8000
14. HP Compaq nw8440
15. HP Compaq nw9440
16. HP Compaq nc4000/nc4010
17. HP Compaq nc6000/nc8000
18. HP Compaq nc4400/nc4200
19. HP Compaq tc4400/tc4200
20. HP Compaq nc6120/nx6125
21. HP Compaq nx7300/nx7400
22. HP Compaq 2510p
23. HP Compaq 2710p

Image used is with wrong power cable, product comes with power cable with indian plug.

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